Why the name Poor Boys?

In 1929, the Martin brothers created the simple but hearty sandwich called the ‘poor boy’. The Amalgamated Association of Electric Street Railway Employees, Division 194 sent over a thousand unionized streetcar drivers and motormen off the job and onto the picket line.

The Martin brothers gave away sandwiches to the strikers that usually consisted of fried potatoes, gravy, and spare bits of roast beef on French bread...creating the ‘PO BOY Sandwich’.


The story goes that when a striking union member walked into their restaurant, Benny would call to Clovis, “here comes another poor boy”! The Martin brothers made simple food that didn’t cost much. You would see a rich man in New Orleans sitting with the poorest man together holding a conversation over a Po Boy Sandwich.

This is what POOR BOYS is all about. A place where everyone can get along, eat great food and whether “rich or poor” come together and meet.